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You can also lock your content as guest, but we recommend you setup an account to avail our member features that can make your work more easier.
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You can create locker as guest, but if you work as a registered member, you can use our useful tools for members, just create your locker its easy.
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Simply promote your locker url and get paid for every download, you can also accept multiple currencies as a registerd member, guests can accept only bitcoin.

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As a registered user, you can access to our all tools that we provide to our users including api services, statistics, multiple currencies, referral program etc. We recommend you register account and avail all the useful features provided in the user area.

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We do our best to help our users and answer their queries at our earliest, we want them to work with peace of mind and when they need us we ensure our availablity to assist them. We are always reachable in any situation.

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Now our registered users can also accept paypal on their lockers, visitor can unlock your contents with paypal, and equilent bitcoin amount will be added to your account.

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